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How Does it Work?

Ozone is a naturally-occurring gas, often referred to as “Mother Nature’s Purifier”. Atmospheric ozone protects the Earth from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Ozone produced by lightning contributes to purifying the air by removing odours, pollutants, germs and pollen giving us that pure, fresh smell we enjoy after a thunderstorm. Our Ozone Generator changes oxygen (O2) to ozone (O3) and circulates it through the air to seek out and destroy odours, bacteria and viruses. When ozone encounters a pathogen such as a coronavirus, one of its oxygen atoms separates and penetrates the receptors and cell wall of the pathogen, destroying it and leaving oxygen as the byproduct in a process known as oxidation. Ozone penetrates clothes, carpets, air-handling systems, walls, and all surfaces.

Service times can run from 4 hours to 24 hours, depending on the size and conditions of the space. People and pets may not enter or occupy the premises during the treatment. Afterwards, any remaining ozone is vented outdoors where it quickly converts back to oxygen, leaving your indoor environment purified and safer.

Sani-Biz ensures commercial or retail spaces are safer before employees return to work. It can also be used for ongoing treatment of the workplace, purifying materials and surfaces that other cleaning methods can’t reach or might miss.

Odour Removal

Unpleasant odours – cigarette smoke, pet odours, strong cooking smells, mould and mildew – are red flags for potential home buyers.

These smells prevent a property from earning top dollar on the real estate market. For people staying in their homes, unwanted odours greet visitors and detract from everyone’s enjoyment of the space.

Painting only masks the smell for a while and can make it worse by sealing in the offensive odour.

Our permanent solution addresses the source of the odour, then uses a combination of surface cleaning and an Ozone Treatment, which penetrates carpets, upholstery, fabrics and the home’s HVAC system, leaving the home smelling springtime fresh.

Make Sure to Treat Pet Stains Promptly

Ah, we love our pets, don’t we? But our little bundles of fur can bring big problems!

Pet urine that has penetrated the floor is one odour that is particularly hard to treat. Our team may have to remove affected sections of sub-floor, deodorize and seal the area.

Flooring replacement options can turn this challenging situation into a positive and can include matching existing flooring or upgraded flooring solutions.


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