We are part of a national franchise network that has been trained to offer superior customer service, a backup support team, we finish what we start and don’t walk away from a job. We treat clients the way we would like to be treated. We offer clients piece of mind they will be treated in an honest and professional manner.

Yes, we provide a full one year guarantee on all our work.

No, we don’t. Contractors that work for cash, offer no invoice, no warranty, no insurance and is illegal. We pay our taxes that have built our great nation. We offer a full detail quotation of exactly what you will get and when.

Yes $2 Million general liability insurance and Covered by WSIB or WCB.

We follow the approved quote with “The Plan” which details out what needs to done when so the work gets completed on budget and on time.

Yes, we have lots from Real Estate agents and clients that are very satisfied with our work. We can share them with you like.

We get a deposit when scheduling an approved quotation and the balance upon completion. Larger jobs are paid in installments detail in the quote. Smaller work paid upon completion. We take, VISA, Master Card, Cheques, E-Transfers and Cash.  We also offer financing with our Renovation AdvanceTM.

We believe communication is everything. We don’t blind side our clients with expected overages. If something comes up we discuss it with you when it comes up. All our franchisees have the backup of our franchisor on all issues we have problems with. We have depth to help in any situation.


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