Our creative ability can work for you too! Look at this 3rd floor bedroom that we opened up with an 8 ft. sliding glass door to a large deck.

We doubled the room size, brightened the space, access to the deck and increased the value more than the reno!

We turned this laundry room entrance into a kitchenette, shower, laundry room and entrance that the client loved.

After a flood in a basement, the insurance said fix plugged line to the catch basin.

We opened up 95 ft of concrete, replaced the pipe and cemented back the floor and fixed the problem.

Clients love our can do attitude when they need help.

RENOmagic can do a total rebuild of the interior to open concept space and add thousands to the value of your property.

We also do commercial renovations just like this real estate office basement space.

Turned out amazing!


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