We installed a glass block for privacy and a much better look for the window in a shower. Glass Block is excellent for privacy and letting light shine in for basement windows, side light at front door entrances, and more.

We help the disabled and elderly with wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and ramps to installing grab bars. How can we make your inside environment safer and more enjoyable?

The bathroom turned out amazing. Lots of room for the walk-in shower and the laundry area made to order.

Bathrooms are important to buyers, so doing the update years before you sell is a great idea. Like these clients, do it now and enjoy.

Ugly, outdated, shocking tiles can be painted, with proper prep work, the right paint, this can be an inexpensive option to neutralize.

RENOmagic transformed this dated bathroom into a morning inspiration to get your day going. We have great creative ideas to update your home.

This 70’s bathroom does not sell! We removed the vanity and tile on all the walls, Glazed the tub, installed a new shower fixture, tiled the wall, new floor, vanity and toilet. Painted to meet an economical budget.

This shower had been left behind by a contractor. RENOmagic removed the tile, changed the fixture and did an amazing job that the client loved. We take pride in our work.

A Prep’n Sell creative idea to update this estate, New tub, window, floor, toilet and pushed the vanity into the bedroom to allow more space in the tight bathroom.


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