The Prep'n Sell Story

David Collier - President

Working for his father at an early age, David learned all about manufacturing and selling carpet cleaning equipment around the world. Over the years, his family company put over 600 people into the carpet cleaning business. When the business was sold, the family started a unique carpet cleaning dealership program that still operates today.

While operating the carpet business, David saw a need for a “1 Call” service for Real Estate Agents to help prep homes for sale. In 2002, the Prep’n Sell concept was formed. Over the next 12 years, the concept was refined in the Greater Toronto area while working for countless real estate agents and their clients. A demand for this service across Canada was recognized soon after.

In January 2014 the firm joined the Canadian Franchise Association™, and developed the Prep’n Sell™, IT PAYS™, franchise opportunity, which was later expanded to include RENOmagic™ Everything PLUS the kitchen sink!™

With high standards, and no need to expand without the right people, 6 franchises were awarded in the first 3 years. With careful monitoring and adding the right support people around him, David is now ready to expand the brand nationwide.

David has just finished writing a book; “10 Surefire Ways to Sell Your Home for More Money”.

Once Canada has solid Prep’n Sell coverage, he is looking to expand the brand outside of Canada.


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