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Owning your own business is both challenging and rewarding. You will probably work harder than ever before – but it won’t seem like work. You’ll be doing what you love, on your own terms and schedule.

Prep’n Sell’s in-depth training and step-by-step business plan, plus mentorship, coaching and ongoing support, help ensure your success. Our expert digital and social media marketing management make being your own boss so much easier. You can run your business, easily and efficiently, using just your smartphone, laptop or home office with our custom operations software and virtual quoting tools.

Prep’n Sell franchisees work on business development by building relationships within the community, becoming a supporter of local small businesses by partnering with outstanding tradespeople, and providing industry-leading customer service for homeowners.

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What is it like to own a Prep’n Sell Franchise Business? Great question! Our franchisees can tell you!

Prep’n Sell is a proud member of the Canadian Franchise Association

Helpful information about franchising in general is available from the CFA.

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Jump into the recession-proof, multi-billion dollar home improvement industry and provide a much-needed, useful service to your customers.

Did you know? Moving homes is ranked as one of the top stress factors in life. Prep’n Sell franchisees help relieve this stress with our One Call Does It All service.

Another neat fact? The home renovation sector makes up a significant piece of the Canadian economy. In 2019, almost half – 49% – of Canadian homeowners planned to spend slightly over $10,000 on a renovation project.

Grab your piece of this lucrative business and help out your fellow Canadians at the same time! They’ll love you for it! Don’t believe it? Check out our online reviews!

Home-based business model =  low overhead, start-up cost savings and tax write-offs.

While there can always be too much of a good thing (thanks COVID-19), it’s almost impossible to list all the benefits of working from home. Here are just 3:  no commercial rent to pay, no additional equipment or furnishings to buy, and no extra utility bills. And a 4th reason? You can often write off a portion of your monthly household bills, meaning you save money at tax time too.

Work-Life Balance: Take control of your health, your schedule, your life.

Say goodbye to being chained to a desk and to long commutes stuck in traffic. When your home office is only steps away, you gain back so much time. Use it to get the work-life balance you crave and your family deserves: make pancakes for breakfast, walk the dog at lunch or adjust your schedule to attend an afternoon concert at your child’s school.

Flexible Lifestyle.

Work from anywhere with your smartphone or a laptop. We even have a tool that lets you do convenient virtual quotes for potential customers, saving you gas, and more importantly, time!

Discover Prep’n Sell’s Contractor Program. BONUS: No Employees! 

Ask almost any business owner and they’ll tell you – staffing is one of their greatest headaches. With our Contractor Program, we teach you how to find, evaluate and partner with skilled, local professional trades, so you only pay your trades partners when you need them. You have no employees, no payroll to meet, and none of the associated costs, which gives your business better cash flow.

Work locally and become a community leader. Boost other small business owners to strengthen your community and the local economy.

Our franchisees actively work on business development, building relationships with referral partners and skilled tradespeople. Those efforts combined with our expert marketing helps generate local work for themselves and their skilled trades partners – keeping themselves, their trades and their profits inside their own community.

Erase the limits on your income potential.

Does this sound familiar?: no matter how hard you worked, what you achieved or the profits you earned for your company, a pay raise is just not in the budget? So frustrating!

We have the solution: Fire your boss! The potential to grow your business is limited only by your desire, drive and hard work!

Meet virtually with other Prep’n Sell franchisees and the head office support team every two weeks.

Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Have a particularly challenging project or customer? It happens! Chances are that another franchisee has already faced a similar situation, and can help you out by sharing their experience and advice.

We value the contributions of our franchisees and consult with them about the future direction of our franchise system. We care about how you’re doing because your success is our success!

The Prep’n Sell Brand – and Team – are behind you.

We provide a professional image. Your customers are assured you’re no fly-by-night company with a beat-up truck, some tools and just enough knowledge to cause a lot of damage.

The Prep’n Sell brand and one year warranty give your customers peace of mind and inspire their trust in our franchisees.

The top 5 things you should ask about when you call us today:

New Franchisee Start-Up Package including personalized printed materials, specialized equipment and vehicle wrap

New Franchisee Onboarding and Virtual Training, plus ongoing support throughout your franchise term

Custom operations software and industry-leading virtual quoting web app

Special Prep’n Sell supplier discounts

Complete digital marketing and social media set-up, posting and management

Prep’n Sell’s FAQ’s

A franchise costs $44,500, plus applicable taxes, which includes the franchise fee, recruitment and onboarding fee and Start-Up package.

The franchise term is 5 years from the start date.

Our royalties are only 5% of gross sales (not including taxes) monthly

Franchisees typically average between 40 to 45 percent gross margin overall.

This is a home-based business concept. You’ll need a small office space in your home, plus a laptop or desktop computer, high-speed internet connection and an up-to-date smart phone, which you may already have. In addition, you’ll need a suitable vehicle. Everything else is provided.

Along with attending virtual Franchisee Forums every two weeks and completing our simple monthly report, our franchisees focus on 3 major tasks: 1. Project Management to ensure our homeowner clients are satisfied with Prep’n Sell’s exceptional on-time and on-budget, professional workmanship 2. Networking with referral sources who work with homeowners in their community who could benefit from our One Call Does It All program. 3. Finding, developing and leading an expert team of reliable, professional trades partners

No. Our business model uses a relationship-based sales strategy, so lead generation is done primarily by networking and is the responsibility of the franchisee, who lives and works in their own territory. Having said that, Prep’n Sell’s national brand and consistent ongoing marketing helps you establish your business quickly. Following the Prep’n Sell plan will help you generate leads quickly. Sales leads we receive for your territory are forwarded to you for follow-up.

No. You will be shown how to find, evaluate and partner with local professional tradespeople who will perform the work to meet our high standards.

Your trades represent you when they work on your projects, and they are often the ones your homeowners see most, so it’s critical that you choose the right people. As part of your initial training, we will teach you about Prep’n Sell’s Contractor Opportunity Program and how our win-win approach helps you attract and retain the right people.

After you’ve completed New Franchisee Training, we’ll schedule regular weekly calls with you to help you evaluate the past week, set goals and to plan the week ahead. When you are comfortable in your new role as a Prep’n Sell franchise owner, these calls will taper off, but you will continue to attend our virtual Franchise Forum meetings every two weeks, and we are always available for any questions you might have. Throughout the year, you’ll be notified whenever new e-learning presentations are posted on our Prep’n Sell University, which you can access virtually at your own pace.

Great franchisees bring all their skills and experiences to their new role. They are friendly, outgoing, effective communicators and they enjoy solving problems for people. They are coachable – open to learning and discovering the Prep’n Sell approach. They quickly get familiar with their local market and look for opportunities to help make the community stronger. In doing this, they get to know the referral sources in their territories. When things go off-track they are quick to ask for advice from the corporate team or in the bi-weekly franchise forum. They are not content to sit back and wait for projects to fall in their laps – they go out and make things happen! Really great franchisees think creatively and want to contribute to help make Prep’n Sell even better for everyone. Some of our best ideas have come from our franchisees.

You control your future. Prep’n Sell provides everything you need to succeed – a proven step-by-step business plan, your start-up package, training and ongoing coaching, digital marketing management and access to our Franchisee Forums where you learn from your peers. How well you follow the plan influences how quickly and how much you’ll succeed. Equally important is what you bring to the table: your skills, willingness to grow outside your comfort level, and your belief in yourself.

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