Essential Curb Appeal Strategies To Sell Your Home!

Are You Considering Selling Your Home

Curb appeal should be one of the first things you consider. These are easy ways to keep your property looking great and getting the attention it deserves

The Driveway – A clean driveway goes a long way when it comes to updating the exterior of your home. Store garden hoses, children’s toys and trash bins out of sight, and remove any vegetation growing where it shouldn’t be, to tell buyers that your property is well-maintained. Look at resurfacing your driveway if it is required.


Lawn Care – Maintain your lawn with regular mowing, watering, and weeding. No buyer wants to see a neglected yard.

The Garden – A well-kept, low maintenance garden is an easy way to add curb appeal as potential buyers arrive at your home.

The Front Door & Windows – Clean your windows both inside and out and maybe consider painting your front door to give it some impact when buyers pull up. Consider painting your front door a bright colour and adding seasonal planters to draw the eye, and welcome buyers to your home. Don’t forget to replace your worn doormat!

Lighting! – Adding outdoor lights can really showcase your home, making it appear warm and inviting when potential buyers visit your property in the evening. Lighting a pathway to your front door is a great feature for aesthetics and for safety reasons.

Do you want potential buyers to rule out your property without even getting out of the car? Or would you rather entice and welcome those buyers to come inside to see what else your wonderful home has to offer? Improving your homecurb appeal can make all the difference! These are easy ways to keep your property looking great and getting the attention it deserves 

Which curb appeal feature makes the biggest impact on buyers? Leave a comment below!


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